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On this page you can find general information about Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, as well as links to other pages of the website, (for further information about specific programs, events, news, etc.), and photos for download. If you are targeting a specific program, medium, event, or person and cannot find what you need here, we invite you to contact Haystack so that we can assist you in locating the images, information, and contact that you need, or to schedule an interview and/or tour with us.


General Information/Background:

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts is an international craft school located on the Atlantic Ocean in Deer Isle, Maine. The school offers intensive studio-based workshops in a variety of craft media including clay, glass, metals, paper, blacksmithing, weaving, woodworking and more. Core summer session programs range from short workshops to two-week sessions and anyone may participate, from beginners to advanced professionals. The summer Haystack community is made up of approximately 85 participants, including staff, students and internationally known faculty artists. Instructors determine the format of their workshops.

The unique experience to be found at Haystack is owed to the combination of internationally-renowned instructors, intensive and focused studio time, the exploration of other art forms including music, poetry and dance, a diverse student body, and an award-winning campus. Students live, eat, and work at the school, and studios remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over the past fifty years, the school has created international workshops and conferences, innovative sessions for high school students and local residents, a visiting artist’s program, scholarship opportunities, publications, and more. Haystack continues to evolve with the interests and ideas of those who visit here.

Developing new ideas and new ways of seeing are central to Haystack’s mission. When you take a workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, you will be able to work in the studios day and night, you will have time to experiment and discover, and be a part of an intensive and supportive community of learners.

In addition to the core summer program, the school has developed intensive programs for Maine high school students and adults, local mentor programs for teens and adults, and community-based artist residencies. Providing programs for local residents, similar in content and quality to those being offered to individuals from around the world during our core sessions, is central to the school’s mission. In order to ensure accessibility, Haystack underwrites local programs almost entirely, through individual and foundation support.

Haystack's Center for Community Programs, in Deer Isle village, was established in 2007. It is a year-round facility, which allows Haystack to continue building relationships with its community and to remain a leader in the craft movement through innovative programming. The Center provides a central place for planning, organizing, and implementing these programs.

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The following low-resolution images and logos are provided here for download. Hi-resolution files of these same images, along with many more Haystack image files, can be found and downloaded from Haystack's flickr site. Should you find an image on flickr that you wish to use, please include the photo credit where it is listed in the description, and please also contact us for a photo credit on any photo where one is not indicated on flickr.

Looking out toward Jericho Bay. Photo by J.T. Loomis, 2010. Metals studio. Photo by Amanda Kowalski, 2007.
Main staircase looking down to flag deck. Photo by Amanda Kowalski, 2009.
Student cabins. Photo by Amanda Kowalski, 2009.


Clay studio and office. Photo by Amanda Kowalski, 2007. Main deck and bell tower. Photo by Amanda Kowalski, 2009.
Main deck and dining hall. Photo by Charlie Gailis, 2005.
Main deck looking out to Jericho Bay. Photo by Ginger Aldrich, 2010.


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