Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Throughout the summer, Haystack faculty, visiting artists, technical assistants and staff share their inspirations, ideas, and work as part of our Summer Evening Program Series. The presentations include slide lectures, musical performances, and readings of their work by poets and writers. Self-guided studio tours and end-of-session auctions are held at the end of each session, offering work donated by session faculty and participants. Summer Evening Program Series events, unless otherwise noted, are held in Gateway Auditorium, located at the entrance to campus, where faculty exhibitions are also on view throughout the season. Contact Haystack for more information.

All programs begin at 7:30 pm, unless otherwise noted and are free and open to the public.

2014 Evening Program Series

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2014 Summer Evening Programs Schedule

Matthew Shlian, visiting ar
Open Studio Residency    
Session 1 (June 8-20)   Session 4 (July 27-August 8)
Session 2 (June 22-July 4)   Session 5 (August 10-22)
Session 3 (July 13-25)   Session 6 (August 24-30)

Open Studio Residency

Thursday, June 5    
End-of-Session Auction & Studio Walk-Through

SESSION 1 (June 8-20)


SESSION 4 (July 27-August 8)

Monday, June 9   Monday, July 28
David Clemons, blacksmithing
MaPo Kinnord-Payton, clay
Peter Beasecker, clay
Ben Street, visiting musician
Tuesday, June 10   Tuesday, July 29
Piper Shepard, fiber
Stuart Shils, drawing/painting
Eileen Wallace, book arts
Jason Pollen, fiber
Wednesday, June 11   Wednesday, July 30
Cappy Counard, metals
Nanda Soderberg, glass
Stephen Whittlesey, wood
Gabriel Craig, metals
Monday, June 16   Thursday, July 31
Technical Assistant presentations
Wendy Maruyama, wood
Tuesday, June 17   Monday, August 4
Haystack staff presentations
Technical Assistant presentations
Thursday, June 19   Tuesday, August 5
Studio Walk-Through & End-of-Session Auction
Haystack staff presentations
    Thursday, August 7

SESSION 2 (June 22-July 4)

Studio Walk-Through & End-of-Session Auction
Monday, June 23    
David Chatt, beading
Arthur Gonzalez, clay

SESSION 5 (August 10-22)

Tuesday, June 24   Monday, August 11
Mary Smull, fiber
Jiro Yonezawa, baskets
Sayaka Suzuki, glass
Juhani Pallasmaa, visiting writer
Wednesday, June 25   Tuesday, August 12
Paul Wong, paper
David East, clay
Rob Duarte, mixed media
James Mongrain, glass
Monday, June 30   Wednesday, August 13
Technical Assistant presentations
Andy Saftel, mixed media/printmaking
James Cotter, metals
Tuesday, July 1    
Haystack staff presentations
  Thursday, August 14
Catharine Ellis, weaving
Thursday, July 3    
    Friday, August 15
NEWLY ADDED - Performance in Gateway
8:00 pm Hymn for Her
Featuring the duo Lucy & Wayne
Studio Walk-Through & End-of-Session Auction
  Monday, August 18
Technical Assistant presentations

SESSION 3 (July 13-25)

  Tuesday, August 19
Monday, July 14  
Haystack staff presentations
Chris Staley, clay
Ann Wessman, fiber/mixed media
  Thursday, August 21
Studio Walk-Through & End-of-Session Auction
Tuesday, July 15    
Added program: 4:30 pm Jack Lenor Larsen
Kari Hakonsen, glass
Nancy Megan Corwin, metals

SESSION 6 (August 24-30)

    Monday, August 25
Wednesday, July 16  
Erica Gordon, blacksmithing
Dwight Pogue, printmaking
Ursula Hargens, clay
Sylvie Rosenthal, wood
    Tuesday, August 26
Friday, July 18  
Katharine Cobey, fiber
Combat Paper presentation
Mary Howe, book arts
Monday, July 21   Wednesday, August 27
Technical Assistant presentations
Graceann Warn, mixed media
Chris Darway, metals
Tuesday, July 22    
Haystack Staff presentations
  Thursday, August 28
4:30 pm Technical Assistant presentations
Thursday, July 24  
7:30 pm Kim Stafford, writing
Studio Walk-Through & End-of-Session Auction
    Friday, August 29
End-of-Session Auction & Studio Walk-Through